This is the easiest and fastest way to generate potentially huge additional revenue while providing great benefits to your Members, Supporters or Employees.
Offer our benefits to your members, supporters or employees at up to 50% below what they might be currently paying for the same benefit while generating incredible monthly revenue for your organization or company. You can offer single or multiple benefits in the same category, or select specific benefits from different categories to form a package.
Offering your members, supporters or employees one or more of our extensive selection of benefits at significantly lower prices than they are likely accustomed to, builds trust, confidence and loyalty. One of the greatest attributes of our program is most people have either heard of some of the benefits and have considered getting them, or are already using or enrolled in one.
The term "win-win" might seem overused and irritating at times. However, there are instances where it's the most suitable expression - and this is one of them.

It denotes a situation where your Members, Supporters or Employees benefit, as does your business or organization by seeing an instant rise in monthly revenue.
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A Popular Service Benefit Offered By Multiple Companies

You may be familiar with ads promoting Free or Prepaid Family Legal Services that usually sells to consumers for approximately $25 a month. We provide these benefits to our client businesses or organizations for as little as below $1/month (based on volume. We also have a similar plan for Small Businesses at the same price per month.

Imagine if the organization or business offers it at $15/month instead of $25/month with a price of under $1/month per member. They would realize a net profit of approx. $13/month per member.
If they had 10,000 members, that translates to $130,000 net profit per month.

If they are currently offering this benefit and are paying $3 per member per month, they would receive an additional $2 profit per month per member and they would generate an extra $20,000 in net revenue per month, by obtaining the benefit from us.
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Travel Membership, Dining and Entertainment
A multitude of travel and vacation discount memberships exist that include benefits for hotels, flights, automobile rentals and cruises, along with dining, entertainment and attraction discounts.

These programs are usually promoted from $29/month to $49/month. We're able to provide these benefits to our customer businesses or organizations at a price below $1/month.

Our program does not offer the typical online discounts. Rather, it provides up to 70% off hotel prices compared to the well-known travel reservation websites, along with cruises, car rentals, flights, dining, entertainment, etc.
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Health & Wellness
There are companies offering Registered Nurse Hotline, Diabetic Supplies, Vision Services and Equipment, Hearing Aids, Pharmacy Discounts, Medical Supplies and more as a benefits package which usually sells to consumers for approximately $29.95/month. We offer similar benefits to our client businesses or organizations for less than $2/month.